Tracking categoriesΒΆ

Tracking category concept is the base of Triton stats model. Basically each category is just a label that can capture stats (sends and openings).

Each trigger or campaign may be assigned to single tracking category. From first view such a way may confuse you. You may think: “Why do not just track stats by each trigger and each campaign?”. And you will be right. Partly.

The point is in pros that tracking category idea gives us:

  • You can enable or disable stats tracking by each trigger or campaign when it needed.
  • You are able to direct multiple stats-flows from different triggers or campaigns into single tracking category.
  • You may change trigger’s or campaign’s category anytime and so on.

In other words, with tracking categories you still have basic stats system that allows you to track metrics by each entity (each trigger or campaign assigned to own unique tracking category), but the same time you can implement more complex stats configurations and modify them anytime.

Triton’s stats model is mostly inspired by Google Measurement Protocol.